Ashley & Srikant Wedding Reception

Sri Sita Ramaabyahnamah

Boddapati Kamala & Venkata Sastry Request the pleasure of your company with family for a luncheon being hosted in honor of newlyweds

Ashley Stacy

(Only daughter of Sebrina and Hassel Stacy Jr)

Srikant Venkata Boddapati

(Second son of Saradamani & Jagannadham Boddapati)

On Sunday, OCT 16, 2022 12 noon - 2 pm

(After Satyanarayana vrat at home from 9 to 10am)

Venue: Cary Senior Center in Bond Park

120 Maury O'Dell Place Cary, NC 27513


No boxed gifts, please


With Best compliments of Siddardha R Boddapati , Saradamani & Jagannadham